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Here are some reasons that we are always in danger of being led to wander in the wilderness and turn away from the truth:

The unlearned and unstable in Christ are tossed to and fro from the scriptures.
Many read the scriptures, but do not understand what they read.
Many who have an understanding of the “Word”; are not established in the faith, and apt to fall from the truth.

Only a few achieve the knowledge and recognize the way the first century Christians grew in their godliness, the narrow way, which leads to life.

There must be self-denial of ourselves, and submit to the authority of Christ, before we can receive all the truths of the gospel, to keep us from the great danger of rejecting the truth and going astray.

Grow in Grace, in Faith, and Virtue, and Knowledge, and in these; we become stronger in Christ and steadfast in the truth.

We grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ by “Following Him”.

Labor more in the “Word” to know Him more clearly to be more like Him.

2 Peter 3:18 Grow in Grace!